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Australia post eParcel service is an online shipping service by Australian Postal Services for businesses that require to ship bulk consignments.

A bewildered customer mentioned, "I'm utterly bewildered as to how Australia Post continues to exist. They are not doing the job they pertain to do. Every single item that I am to receive from them is delayed beyond their ridiculously blown out horse-and-cart delivery time frames. 7kms in 7 business days - nope, they still can't manage it. SYD-MEL in two weeks - not a chance. MEL-MEL in two weeks, again, nope. Oh, but it's COVID, and extra online shopping due to COVID, and less planes because of COVID, and more restrictions due to COVID - pretty sure you've known about COVID for months and months now, surely someone within your company must have foreseen what this could mean and made some kind of plan? Particularly disappointed for all the Melburnians out there who are sadly reliant on your company to deliver goods that might be desperately required in a timely manner because - no shops open!

I have made a point of asking every online retailer I deal with if they deliver with any company other than Australia Post. The response I have gotten seems to imply it hasn't been the first time they have been asked the question.

Australia Post - you have had such an advantage over any other private delivery service but you have destroyed your reputation to the point you have left a massive gap in the market for even the most basic delivery service.

Oh, and my postie and parcel delivery people are great, five stars for them (with the the negative four stars I award Aus Post management it brings me back to my score of one star)."


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Current Employee - Sales says

"Augh! Feedback like this strikes deep! I would love to talk more in a confidential/safe place. I especially want to get more feedback about where you feel departments/teams aren’t aligned and working well together as I feel this is an area we’ve made big improvements in the last couple years (although there is always room to be better, for sure). As to your point about direction, that’s disappointing as we’ve spent much of the last couple years really hammering on our strategic framework and priorities and making good progress on them (e.g. winning with brands and driving more business through partners). It sounds like you’re disillusioned and I’m sad to hear that. I’d love to see if we can get you more excited about our mission… let me know! Worst case, maybe you confirm we’re not the right place for you, but maybe we can learn something from each other and make a difference! David (CEO)"

Former Employee - Sales Executive says

"Culture of denial, no one wants to address problems. Sales structure is highly dysfunctional, with no process for anything and rules changed every day. Instead of any positive encouragement or new ideas from management, they just berate everyone"

Former Employee - Sales Executive says

"-No training structure - just random scheduled in sessions with various people in the office, you have to learn as you go, but expected to know everything -Next to no budget for any company trips / events -Terrible office atmosphere - due to bad management -Terrible motivation techniques from management - usually shouts/swears at us, with no positive feedback when we do well -No support from management to help grow within the company -Lack of stationary - old computers -No fresh fruit available - you have to pay for chips and drinks, only free tea is provided -No chill out area - the office is badly decorated (plain walls) and kitchen area only -Office is freezing cold half the year - poor heating and we all sit in coats/scarves all day -Zero natural light due, blinds are down all day making everyone miserable and unmotivated -Next to no budget for travel to see prospects -LOTS of cold calls required every week to stand any chance of closing a deal - but atmosphere is so bad no one wants to make them -Expected to work long hours but no motivation ever given by management throughout the week -No Friday drinks/early finish -Everyone is constantly looking at other jobs and speaking negatively about the company internally -Hard sell as most expensive software in our industry - lots of cheaper competitors i.e Neto -Product offering is not as appealing as in other regions yet we're expected to sell just as much as them e.g no eParcel integration /lack of marketplaces in this region etc -Big office meetings are held in horrible dingy pubs (relates back to lack of budget) -Base wage is less than competitors"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"New CEO is not a sales person. There a running reputation of him getting companies where they need to be then selling them off. That's the LEAST of the problems though. I've read a lot about "unattainable goals". Let's be honest, guys. Goals are a "meh... Can ONE person hit this number at some point this quarter?" ... It's demeaning. They put the "rock stars" under the "best management" and the "weak" people under the worst management (trying to guess who is who? You won't have to go too far). They know they can trap under-achievers in a "glorified call center" type of roll and get people to unknowingly be "lifetimers" while still promising a promotion (I'm looking at you, Enterprise reps). People are the falsely promised, and no one wins. One or two people get promoted each QUARTER if they are lucky. Don't even get me started with the boys club of a closing team we have going on here. Favorites outshine favorites. Managers are constantly on the golf course and leave decisions up to "Team Leads". Deals get stolen by "Team Leads" and managers (who weren't there - because remember? They were golfing...) tell reps "consult your Team Lead for this". Are you kidding me? No wonder your attrition is so brutal. No one has a chance. It's surprising to see some of the more moral people on your team stay for so long. Otherwise, it would be a bottomless pit of rats and snakes. And when I say snakes I am talking about multiple people in multiple positions who have FOR YEARS never had to hold responsibility for anything. Here's my question ---- HR DEPARTMENT --- Where are you??? WHERE ARE YOU? Are they paying you too?"

Former Employee - Inside Sales says

"Working in inside sales is an almost impossible way to start a career with the company and management seems to care less that they spend a ton of $$$ hiring, training, and firing employees in sales. Almost no one was promoted in the time that I was there. The sales dept. does a poor job of utilizing talent and smart people overall. As a result, employees quickly find jobs elsewhere as the company tries to find salespeople that can ignore the problems around them. I have witnessed several successful salespeople fail here due to the nature of selling a complicated product amongst very high expectations. The problem with inside sales is that after days of qualifying an interested prospect to the best of your knowledge, the executives (and their managers) can quickly dismiss these leads as not “good enough” to sell to, and you get paid $0. As a word of advice, apply for a sales executive position if you don't mind long hours and do not care about moving internally, but do not start out in inside sales. Many bright and talented people have been strung along for months and years with no clear path for advancement."

Farid says

"I ordered a small part for my trainer from 99 bikes. I have not yet received the part after 3 weeks. I contacted them online to enquire about the possibility of collecting it from a local store. They didn’t acknowledge the question and provide a stock standard ‘not our problem it’s auspost’ reply. The actual reply from Will was condescending. That’s after charging $8 for delivery of a part that weighs 100g. I don’t know if I will ever receive it or whether 99 bikes will ever be kind enough to engage and look at alternate options. I shudder to think of what would happen if I dare ask for a refund."

mike Farnan says

"Can’t give an opinion as I’m still waiting for my order"

Carlos Vieira says

"The shipping was very bad took so long and send my items separate to different shipping. I need to do some quick fix on one of my tubes and I end buy a new tube and arrived first my new tube I got this tools for nothing was quick deliver the new tube and nearly the some price.... anyway 😔😔😔"

Bermingham says

"Still havnt got it"

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